Border Technology Supplement to the Future Border Wall



boarder agent looking for tunnels2


A significant advantage of an advanced fiber optics fiber optic system  is cost.   One distributed sensing fiber can replace as many as 1000 conventional “point” sensors. This translates into order-of-magnitude improvements in the cost of monitoring long perimeters.   Modern day efforts for border security are often limited to manned checkpoints and surveillance patrols, which are hardly effective methods for thousands of miles of terrain.  For example, the United States- Mexico border stretches 1,989 miles and is guarded by over 18,000 agents at 48 points of entry. This intrusion sensor would provide a continuous monitoring solution that could be deployed at a fraction of the cost of current methods and have the spatial resolution needed to identify points of intrusion.


Our System

Using 864 fiber optic cable. the system can detect sounds on land, air and underground traffic of vehicles, aircraft and humans. We have a program that can distinguish between man, woman and child, in addition to vehicle type and load, aircraft make and model. All of these have a distinct acoustic signature.  Range is not limited by line of site, weather, solar flares, lightening strikes, gravitation variants or earthquakes. It can track billions of targets at the same time.

The layout shows how the intranet system connects. This layout is designed for triple redundancy. Each detection station has a current range of 100 km from each side.  If one is inoperable, the next two stations will take over.

The detection stations are connected to the nearest border patrol office via fiber optic & analog cable.  The information can be passed on to drones and ground personnel. The information will include type, current location(within one meter), speed and direction of travel, all at the speed of light.

The program can adjust for terrain and weather to predict intercept location for ground  patrol. 

The program can detect the difference between man, woman & child. This will insure the best possible response by the Border Patrol. Each station will be powered by solar energy with natural gas backup and will have ballistic shielding.

•Based on a Google Earth survey of the border using type c soil as a baseline.  The system can be installed in nine to fourteen months depending on passage of Parks and burial grounds. Weather will be a minor factor.

•We can break ground ninety days from initial funding. We will have 60% of the border covered in the first six months.

•Our company will hire up to 1500 veterans or family members of veterans.

•Our software engineers have designed a total off the grid program that is more complicated than STUXNET 99.9% hack proof. There is no access to it via Internet or power lines. Although there is no way to explain it in ten slides or less, its ability to track individual heart beats and use of current fiber optic infrastructure to track individuals.  We hope the cliff notes at least give you a basic idea on how it works. We have a video that shows the system in action. We can show you when we meet.

THREAT2our system in action